At Georgian Partners, we invest in growth and expansion stage enterprise software, digital media and information aggregation companies, and work to maximize success for our investee firms and our investors by focusing on key areas of differentiation:

Market Focus: Georgian has a focused investment strategy, called Applied Analytics, that guides us to invest and partner with companies who are positioned to take advantage of three converging trends:

  1. Enterprise Software solutions that span and or connect complex business ecosystems.
  2. Big Data applied to Enterprise Software solutions to drive optimization, increasingly in real time.
  3. Ownership of data and derived data across an industry or business domain, leveraged to make analytics more effective.

Operational Impact: Actively helping companies accelerate and dominate their market spaces by leveraging a team of highly qualified consultants with a proven track record of hands on success in focused areas of operational execution: strategy; alliances; sales; engineering; product marketing, and product management.

Syndication with Leading Funds: Close working relationships and investment experience with a select group of top tier North American funds.

Georgian Partners is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. You can read more about our investments here and keep up to date via our blog and follow us on Twitter.